Born in Kyoto in 1963, debuted in 1984
 He creates a genre called healing painting
 TV radio appearance Many celebrities also own pictures
 Improvised caricatures and classrooms are popular Mural ceiling painting Kimono
 Instructor for school children with disabilities, former member of the Japan Society for Art Education
 Under business tie-up with entertainment production Atomu

 EXPO 2025 business
 NHK Gallery Healing Painting Exhibition
 Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival Tohoku Earthquake Reconstruction Event
 Tokyo Big Sight Healing Fair
 Tokyo Itabashi Ward Office Healing Painting Exhibition Arimatsu Shibori Festival
 Gion Festival Event Osaka Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street
 Yame Chamura Festival Ibusuki Marathon Event

 Caricature 100,000 people
 2.000 events
 2.000 students

 Supporters' Association "Yasumarukai" Kyoto Painter's Yasukobo Gallery

 How do you draw my picture and make me laugh?
 What kind of words should you write to impress?
 I always draw with that in mind.
 Seeing and drawing pictures gives us a time that is kind to people's hearts.
 Please have a good time with my paintings and stories.
 "About me and healing paintings"
 Pictures, music, flowers and pets give people healing time and space.
 Healing paintings are especially calming because they are perceived differently depending on the person and the day.
 Healing a person requires considerable energy and power for the healing side.
 The energy and power are stored by meeting you.
 I think that it is a true healing picture only when the drawing side and the viewing side are healing each other.
 In my case, a hands-on classroom where I draw healing pictures at the same time as the healing picture exhibition is held.
 We are pleased to have a healing caricature performance at the same time.
 Spread healing pictures all over the country, causing a boom of cute Jizo and owls.
 Impressed by memorable words, with a healing picture performance that causes laughter
 We look forward to seeing you at the Healing Painting Exhibition, which will liven up the venue.